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Over the past several weeks, Legendary fans have been submitting their fan art to our Tumblr for a chance to be featured across our social media. From Gipsy Danger to The Joker, the art has been stunning and we wanted to showcase some of our favorites so far, all in one place.

Do you have photos, drawings or other content you'd like to share with Legendary? Feel free to submit it to our Tumblr!

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[Credit: nosmallvictories.tumblr.com]

[Credit: legionofpotatoes.tumblr.com]

[Credit: doaly.tumblr.com]

[Credit: kc-eazyworld.tumblr.com]

[Credit: legionofpotatoes.tumblr.com]

[Credit: barbarianfactory.tumblr.com]

[Credit: paulshipper.tumblr.com]

[Credit: paidesign.tumblr.com]

[Credit: lrdezign.tumblr.com]

[Credit: goddesseto.tumblr.com]

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