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What does a giant pile of concrete have to do with Man of Steel? More than you might think. In an exclusive look beyond the lens, SoundWorks' short, "The Sound of Man of Steel" reveals some of the most interesting ways that the Man of Steel sound team created their mind-blowing audio experience in theaters.  Check out the video to find out which iconic 1950s Superman sound made it into the film, how a bunch of bugs almost ruined a scene, and why you might never look at a xylophone the same way again. 

"What if we could get the 12 greatest drummers and meld them into one giant machine of energy?" Legendary composer Hans Zimmer answers his own question in this behind-the-scenes look at the scoring of Man of Steel.  Watch as drummers like Sheila E., Pharrell Williams, Danny Carey, and many more collaborate for what is arguably the world's greatest drum circle to provide Man of Steel with its badass percussion. Want to hear more? Pick up the Man of Steel soundtrack at your local music store, Amazon, or iTunes today.  


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