A Town Called Dragon

An action-packed modern day myth, this 5-issue series is an original story written by Judd Winick (Batman, Green Lantern), featuring the art of exciting new talent Geoff Shaw.

Legendary Comics transports you to a A Town Called Dragon. On the surface it seems like your average all-American tourist trap, but this snow-covered town hides a burning secret. After centuries of lying buried within the depths of an icy mountain, the world’s last dragon egg finally hatches — endangering modern life as we know it. Now an unlikely group of dangerously unqualified, ordinary citizens must band together, battling the elements — and each other — to slay this menacing creature.

Written by fan-favorite JUDD WINICK (Green Lantern, Pedro and Me, Green Arrow)
This is the compilation of the 5 issue series featuring interiors and covers by Geoff Shaw (Buzzkill).

Includes bonus materials on the making of the comic.

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Writer: Judd Winick
Penciler: Geoff Shaw
Colorist: Jamie Grant
Letterer: Sean Konot
Designer: John Hill