Annihilator Issue #3

Annihilator Issue #3


Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Frazer Irving


Ray Spass’ life was a complete mess–a crumbling screenwriting career, a failed love, an inoperable brain tumor–but that was before the fictional hero of his screenplay, Max Nomax, showed up in real life, insisting that his tumor is a data bullet containing the secrets of Nomax’s past. Now, the only way for Ray to save his life (and the universe) is toextract the information. That’s when things take a turn for the worse…

Hunted by the most deadly super-villain in the galaxy, Spass begins uncovering Nomax’s twisted life story in an effort to shrink the tumor before it kills him. But as Spass dives deeper into the madness that surrounds Nomax, he finds that our semi-fictional hero is not all he appears to be. What horrifying skeletons does Nomax have in his closet… and will the earth-shattering revelations be too much to overcome before Ray loses his mind?

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