Annihilator Issue #5

Annihilator Issue #5


Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Frazer Irving


Ray Spass’ life was a complete mess- a crumbling screenwriting career, a failed love, an inoperable brain tumor-but that was before the fictional hero of his screenplay, Max Nomax, showed up in real life, insisting that his tumor is a data bullet containing the secrets of Nomax’s past. Now, the only way for Ray to save his life (and the universe) is to extract the information. That’s when things take a turn for the worse…
In the penultimate issue, the secrets of the universe are revealed as the true nature of Nomax’s crimes come to light – is this galactic revolutionary really a devil in disguise? With Ray on the brink of death, our not-quite-heroes spin wildly toward the center of the black hole – powerless to escape the all-consuming forces of fate…

From the mind of Grant Morrison, Annihilator features art from Frazer Irving

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