Based on a true story, in eighteenth century London, Elizabeth Wilkinson struggles to make ends meet for her and her sister Tess while facing the fiercest female bare-knuckle boxers of her day.

Elizabeth Wilkinson’s passion is bare-knuckle boxing.  While working odd jobs to help her sister Tess pay off substantial debt, she earns extra coin fighting in back alleys and pubs.  But when Tess’s debts suddenly come due, Elizabeth bets everything on boxing to save Tess from debtors’ prison.

As she trains to become the best female fighter in London, she must face her family’s painful past, confront the boxing rival from her childhood, and defy the discrimination she encounters as a half-Indian woman in a white, male-dominated prize-fighting world.  With the help of her trainer and fellow boxer, James Stokes, Elizabeth fights to free her sister and prove herself to be England’s CHAMPIONESS.

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Writer: Kelly Zekas/Tarun Shanker
Artist: Amanda Perez Puentes
Lettering & Design: Comicraft