Head Wounds: Sparrow


A detective with a higher purpose feels the pain and wears the wounds of those he’s failed to protect, and there’s only one way to stop the bleeding: vengeance.  As a divine battle of good and evil between Angels and Demons rages around him, can this crooked detective follow the straight-and-narrow to seek justice, or will he just save his own wounded skin as the fate of humanity hangs in the balance?

LEGENDARY COMICS is proud to present an unmissable neo-noir graphic novel from the mind of OSCAR ISAAC (Dune, Star Wars, Moon Knight) and featuring the creative talents of CHRISTIAN WARD (Invisible Kingdom, Blood Stained Teeth), BRIAN BUCCELLATO (Detective Comics: Batman, The Flash, Chicken Devil), ROBERT JOHNSON, JOHN ALVEY and JASON SPIRE.


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Presented by: Oscar Isaac
Created by: Robert Johnson
Written by: Brian Buccellato
Art by: Christian Ward
Story by: Robert Johnson & John Alvey
Developed by: Oscar Isaac & Jason Spire
Lettering & Design: Comicraft

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