Pacific Rim: Amara

As the Kaiju Wars rage on, a courageous young girl named Amara has her life shattered when she is orphaned during a devastating giant monster attack. Fighting to survive as her city is destroyed, she finds shelter with a grumpy mech-inventor named Kai and his closest companion Hannah. The trio forms an unlikely family in the aftermath of the invasion, looking out for one another and scavenging old mech parts to build their very own Jaeger, a pilot-able giant robot with the power to protect Amara from the monsters that took everything from her.  On a wild adventure through the destroyed landscape of Los Angeles to find the parts she needs to complete Scrapper, Amara becomes caught up in a dangerous and explosive mech-racing league and finds herself in a race against time to be ready for the day the monsters return. This epic prequel to the blockbuster movie Pacific Rim Uprisingexclusively reveals the origins of new Pacific Rim heroes Amara and Scrapper, and reveals the courage that rises when the world falls.

Written by Cavan Scott & Zhang Ran and featuring art by BigN, the first 3 chapters of Pacific Rim: Amara are available now to read for free.

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