The Tower Chronicles Book One: GeistHawk


He is known as John Tower, a supernatural bounty hunter whose services are available only to the truly needy or well financed. Embarking on perilous adventures that lead him from one treacherous corner of the globe to the next, his life’s mission is to track down the unknown and vanquish unimaginable monsters that have been all but forgotten by the modern world.

Evil now has its own reason to fear the darkness.

Written by Matt Wagner, the creator of GRENDEL and MAGE, and co-created with Thomas Tull, Executive Producer of 300 and THE DARK KNIGHT, THE TOWER CHRONICLES features stunning art by acclaimed 2000 AD and LOBO artist Simon Bisley.

An intricately woven supernatural action/adventure that sets a new standard in graphic novel storytelling.

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Writer: Matt Wagner
Interior pencils: Simon Bisley
Inker: Rodney Ramos