Tragic: Volume 2

“To be or not to be…”

What was the question? With her head spinning and the ghost of her father continuing to haunt her, Harper’s list of murder suspects grows as she grapples with new revelations about her family. With Talia, Holden, and now Liam by her side, Harper must face the unthinkable as she delves further into the mystery of who killed her father, with the suspects all around her… and closing in.

Can Harper maintain her grip on reality long enough to see her father’s murderer brought to justice? And can reigniting her off-again-on-again relationship with Talia help her regain the sanity she needs to navigate the dangerous secrets that surround her? As Harper’s story enters its final act, all the players take to the stage to perform their fated roles before they take their final bow.


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Writer: Dana Mele
Penciler, Inker: Valentina Pinti
Colorist: Chiara di Francia
Lettering & Design: Comicraft