Grant Morrison, author of Legendary Comics’ ANNIHILATOR, <br/>Nominated for ‘Best Writer’ Eisner Award

Grant Morrison, author of Legendary Comics’ ANNIHILATOR,
Nominated for ‘Best Writer’ Eisner Award


We are proud to announce that Grant Morrison, the writer of the mind-bending original series ANNIHILATOR, has been nominated for the prestigious Eisner Award for ‘Best Writer’.

With previous wins for his work on ALL-STAR SUPERMAN and SEVEN SOLDIERS, this year Grant Morrison is a double-nominee, recognized for his work on Legendary Comics’ ANNIHILATOR as well as THE MULTIVERSITY from DC Comics. Professionals in the comic book industry are eligible to vote and the results will be announced during a ceremony at San Diego Comic-Con this July.

Please join us in congratulating Grant Morrison on his Eisner Award nomination.

For a full list of nominees and more info on the Eisner Awards, head here.

The 6th and final issue of Morrison’s acclaimed series ANNIHILATOR
is available June 17th from Legendary Comics.

Grant Morrison discusses what fans can expect
to see from his comic ANNIHILATOR.