Legendary Comics and WEBTOON Debut  New Original Comic Series by Richard Dinnick

Legendary Comics and WEBTOON Debut New Original Comic Series by Richard Dinnick

The exciting new tale of Robin Hood is now available exclusively on the WEBTOON app

LOS ANGELES, February 3, 2021 – Legendary Comics and WEBTOON, the world’s largest digital comic platform, launched today the original comic series ROB. The re-interpretation of the Robin Hood mythos created for a new generation comes from acclaimed British screenwriter and novelist Richard Dinnick, best known for his work in the revered Doctor Who franchise. Rob is a new and original adventure taking our hero and his band of friends away from the familiar territory of Sherwood and out into a brand new, old world. This thrilling tale is brought to life with art by Magda Price and Miguel Sepulveda, colorist Enrica Eren Angiolini, letterer and designer Tyler Smith, and is accompanied by an original score from composer Andrew M. Edwards. The first three chapters are now available, with additional chapters debuting every Wednesday. Readers can download the official WEBTOON app by visiting the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Rob is set in a “ren-punk” world far in the future where the Earth’s resources have been plundered. Bows and arrows collide with scavenged modern technology. In a desperate bid to protect his home country of Albion from the devious French Gauls and their invasion plans, Rob, his mentor Sir Dido and her niece, the trainee druid Blondel, embark on a perilous sabotage mission across the English Channel. When this goes horribly wrong and Sir Dido is injured, Rob is forced to take matters into his own hands and risk everything on a quest across his broken and bizarre world to seek a fabled weapon that may not even exist. Rob is joined by friends that those familiar with Robin Hood’s origins in medieval “gestes” will recognize and has deadly and mysterious enemies at his heels. Rob is an exciting roller-coaster adventure into a world strange yet familiar, visually stunning and creatively astonishing.

“I am delighted that Rob found such a wonderful home at Legendary Comics,” said Dinnick. “It has been a constant joy to work with Robert at Legendary and David at WEBTOON to bring together such a talented group of collaborators. Creating comics is by no means solely about the writer, and I have been blessed by such an excellent editorial team of Nikita and Jann, as well as the amazingly skilled and visionary artists, colorist and letterer: Magda, Eren, Miguel and Tyler. All have made Rob a truly incredible and positive experience, and I cannot wait to unleash the exciting and unique ‘Ren-Punk’ world that we have created on an unsuspecting public! If the passion and hard work poured into the project are anything to go by, I believe it’s going to be a huge hit and readers will want to say they were there when it first took off!”

“Legendary has a great working history with Richard from our Lost in Space graphic novel series, and we jumped at the chance to work together again on one of his own original creations,” said Robert Napton, Senior Vice President of Legendary Comics. “Rob is a fun adventure that layers the tale and existence of Robin Hood in a really cool way. With some royal conflicts and dangerous missions to keep you on your toes, the story takes you on a journey far different from the legend that we all know, and we are excited to bring this comic series to such a large audience on WEBTOON.”

“We are happy to continue our partnership with Legendary, one of the publishers that we have worked with longest,” said David Lee, Head of Content at WEBTOON. “We are particularly excited with Rob, as it really embraces the vertical-scrolling format while keeping the heart of traditional comics.”

For artwork and photos of the creators, please visit: https://bit.ly/3ovwiCc.

The WEBTOON app is free to download at the Apple App Store and Google Play.

About the creators:
Richard Dinnick is a British writer for TV, comics and books. He is a member of the Writers’ Guild, BAFTA and the Royal Television Society. He is the creator of Legendary Comics’ Rob (a new twist on the Robin Hood mythos) and has TV shows in development on both sides of the Atlantic – notably his riff on fairy tales, Never After, which is with Blonde Mamba in LA. He has written on several TV shows, including the latest series of Thunderbirds Are Go! For ITV and Amazon Studios, and won the British Screenwriters’ Award for Best Children’s TV Show in 2018 for his work on the BBC’s Go Jetters. Richard is the lead writer on the tie-in comic for Netflix’s hit show Lost in Space – also for Legendary Comics – and has new IP coming later this year in the form of comic books yet to be announced. Richard has several Titan Comics’ Doctor Who series under his belt for the 7th, 12th and 13th Doctors and has written many titles for the Doctor Who book range from Penguin Random House.

Magda Price was born in the United States and currently lives in Valencia, Spain. Self-taught. Not very good at studies and never knew what to do for a living. She worked here and there, penciled as a hobby, learned video and photo editing, started learning 3D modeling and 2D animation, made wedding albums, collaborated as an illustrator with Loopy Teller Studio on the El Capitán Zheimer book series… After doing an animated video for her sister, she realized that she really wanted to entertain people in some way and, if possible, help them.

Miguel Sepulveda is firm believer in experimentation and constant learning of new techniques. Miguel’s first professional work for Marvel was the 8-issue miniseries Marvel Illustrated: The Iliad, written by Roy Thomas. That was followed by The Trojan War, also written by Thomas. Later, Sepulveda penciled one of the Thor: God-Size Special stories, and collaborated in a couple issues of Secret Invasion: X-Men, before taking over as ongoing artist on Thunderbolts, first with Andy Diggle, and later with Jeff Parker as writers. During that time, he also did a cover for Spider-Man: The Clone Saga #2 and the short story Wolverine: Carni-Brawl. He then moved to the cosmic event The Thanos Imperative and its epilogue, the one-shot Devastation. Miguel’s first work for DC was the Superman / Batman Annual, which he followed with JLA #58, Green Lantern: War of the Green Lanterns: Aftermath, or the controversial Action Comics #900 story written by David Goyer where Superman renounces his American citizenship. After starting the New-52 Stormwatch book part of the New-52, Miguel moved to Red Lanterns with issue 10 of the book where he did a really successful run. At Dark Horse, Miguel worked on Lone Wolf 2100 or the Captain Midnight series. He’s also worked for Blizzard Entertainment on their Starcraft and Hearthstone franchises. Returning to Marvel, Miguel worked on Indestructible Hulk, the Ant-Man Movie Prelude, Captain America or most recently, Kingpin. Miguel’s most recent work has been for Blizzard, where he’s worked on books like Starcraft or Hearthstone, and Starcraft: Soldiers for Dark Horse. Miguel is currently available.

Enrica Eren Angiolini is a comic colorist (Doctor Who, Sex Criminals, Harley Quinn) and illustrator, with a huge passion for all things fantasy. When she’s not coloring or drawing, she hits people with swords.

About Legendary Comics:
Legendary Comics was born out of a passion for mythic entertainment, seeking out new talent and working with the best and the brightest in the industry to create transportive worlds, inspirational characters, and spectacular adventures that leap off the page. Founded in 2011, Legendary Comics has produced an exciting catalogue of original titles that continues to grow and evolve. From partnerships with industry legend Frank Miller to Grant Morrison’s Eisner-nominated Annihilator, Legendary Comics has a passion for innovative new stories, including the fantasy graphic novel The Heart Hunter, the historical fiction story Championess (based on the true story of Elizabeth Wilkinson) and Jessica Chobot and Erika Lewis’ hit webseries, Firebrand: The Initiation of Natali Presano. In addition to original titles, Legendary Comics also expands the scope of the cinematic universes of its parent company Legendary Entertainment, by bringing big-screen adventure exploding onto the comic book page. Working with the visionary filmmakers and the architects of Legendary’s Monsterverse, they have delivered the level of quality and authenticity our fans demand with New York Times best-sellers such as Godzilla: Aftershock, Pacific Rim: Aftermath, and Skull Island: The Birth of Kong, to name a few. http://www.legendary.com/comics

WEBTOON™ has become a cultural and global phenomenon, pioneering the distribution and consumption of web-based comics. With an average of 64+ million monthly active users, 16.5+ million of whom read daily, more people consume WEBTOON series than watch most television shows. WEBTOON features a broad and diverse catalog of content from all over the world — including romance, thriller, fantasy, comedy and more. Launched stateside in 2014, WEBTOON has thousands of creator-owned series with episodes updating daily. Also boasting partnerships with Legendary, POW!, Top Cow/Image, and more, WEBTOON takes storytelling to the next level. Creators have been nominated for multiple Eisner Awards, as well as winning a multitude of Ringo Awards. The WEBTOON app is free to download on Android and iOS devices.

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