“You Would Do It Too” A New Series Directed by David Victori (“Sky Rojo”, “Cross The Line”) Produced by Legendary Television and Espotlight Media Kicks Off Filming

“You Would Do It Too” A New Series Directed by David Victori (“Sky Rojo”, “Cross The Line”) Produced by Legendary Television and Espotlight Media Kicks Off Filming

“You Would Do It Too” is the first Spanish production resulting from the collaboration between Legendary Television and Espotlight Media and will debut exclusively on Disney+ in Spain.

Left to right and top to bottom: Elena Irureta, José Manuel Poga, Paco Tous, Jorge Valder, Mabel del Pozo, Michelle Jenner, Pilar Bergés, Pablo Molinero, David Victori, Xavi Sáez, Javier Mula, Ana Polvorosa y Victor Suárez. Credit: Xavi Farré

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Legendary Television and Espotlight announced today that the new thriller series “You Would Do It Too” started principal photography on March 14. The local-language television series is an eight episode x 30-minute show created and written by David Victori (“Sky Rojo”, “Cross the Line”) and Jordi Vallejo (“The Innocent”, “Cross the Line”), and directed by Victori. Filming is scheduled to take place over 10 weeks in various locations throughout Barcelona, including in the city of Manresa. The series will debut exclusively on Disney+ in Spain with Legendary Television handling worldwide sales for all other territories.


The cast includes Pablo Molinero (“The Plague”, “The Summer We Live In”), Ana Polvorosa (“La Fortuna”, “Cable Girls”), Michelle Jenner (“The Cook of Castamar”, “Paco’s Men”), José Manuel Poga (“Money Heist”, “The Endless Trench”), Paco Tous (“Money Heist”, “Paco’s Men”), Elena Irureta (“Patria”, “The Minions of Midas”), and Ana Wagener (“The Invisible Guest”, “El reino”), with the special collaboration of Chechu Salgado (“The Laws of the Border”, “Cocaine Coast”).


“You Would Do It Too” is a co-production between Legendary Television and Espotlight Media and is produced by Anxo Rodríguez (Espotlight Media) and Anne Thomopoulos (Legendary Television).


An armed robbery occurs inside a bus with a route connecting the Barcelona airport with some cities near Barcelona. The outcome? Three robbers have been killed, an arrest warrant issued for the murderer, and six witnesses who seem unable to identify the fugitive.


Police officer Fran Garza (Pablo Molinero) and his coworker (and ex-partner) Rebeca Quirós (Ana Polvorosa) suspect that the witnesses are not telling the truth. All of them swear that they didn’t see the killer’s face, but the investigation suggests that the witnesses may have entered a “silence pact” to protect the fugitive. The case soon goes viral with the general public immediately rallying behind the fugitive support with the hashtag: #YouWouldDoItToo.


The collaboration between Espotlight Media and Legendary Television:

This collaboration between the production company Espotlight Media, led by Anxo Rodríguez, and Legendary Television’s global content division of the renowned Legendary Entertainment (“Dune”), seeks to develop, produce and finance fiction projects aimed at the global market. Specifically, the Joint Venture was born with the target of creating premium quality content focused on the Spanish audience, engaging top-level talent.


About Legendary Television:

Legendary Television is a leading global full-service television studio specializing in financing, developing, and producing quality genre and character-driven projects for multiple platforms. Championing compelling auteur-driven storytelling featuring renowned talent, Legendary’s Television roster includes: the reboot of the classic family adventure series Lost in Space for Netflix; Carnival Row, a fantasy noir drama starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne, for Amazon; Pacific Rim: The Black, an original anime series expanding the story of the first two live action movies for Netflix; and Debris, the sci-fi drama from J.H. Wyman and starring Jonathan Tucker and Riann Steele, for NBC. Upcoming projects include: Dune: The Sisterhood, based on one of the most popular science fiction franchises of all time, for HBO Max; the untitled Monsterverse live-action series for Apple TV+; Paper Girls, based on Brian K. Vaughan’s best-selling graphic novel, and Lightyears, a one-hour drama series starring Sissy Spacek and J.K. Simmons, both for Amazon; the anime series Skull Island and Tomb Raider, both for Netflix; and upcoming international local language productions: the multinational and multi-lingual series Drops of God, based on the best-selling hit manga, and the new Portuguese crime heist Vanda. To learn more visit: www.legendary.com